Getting Started: Tricks You Won’t Know How You Lived Without

Save time and energy by learning quick tips and tricks that will help you manage your work, collaborate with your team, and reduce the amount of clicking you do on a daily basis.

Join Rego Guide Dan Perkins and learn strategies like:

  • editing multiple items at once
  • entering custom data on the Project landing page
  • using filters to pull up relevant work quickly

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Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins
Systems Analyst / Solutions Architect
Rego Consulting

Dan Perkins was born and currently lives in the beautiful state of Utah. As a “Jack of all trades”, Dan enjoys working on and learning different types of work and specialties. Being a Workfront Trainer, Consultant, Certification Manager, and Partner Program Manager, Dan provides deep insight and understanding into the interconnective needs within all levels of the organization. Most of all, Dan loves to spend quality time with his wife and children.