Work Automations for Greater Workfront Productivity

Workfront's Work Automations are one of the lesser-known ways to get greater efficiency out of your Workfront implementation.

In this webinar, Rego expert guides Daniel Perkins, Elissa Lazor, and Sam Chapman will demonstrate how these automations can be used by role including:

  • Planner: creating Projects from a Request.
  • Requestor: setting reminders to complete Requests.
  • Resource Manager: automating updating planned hours based on volume of deliverables per project.



Elissa Lazor
Sr. Solutions Architect and Lead
Rego Consulting


Elissa Lazor is a Senior Solutions Architect and Lead in Enterprise Work Management at Rego Consulting and certified in all Workfront products, including Core, Fusion, Goals, and Scenario Planner. With 17 plus years of professional experience in developing Operational, Sales, and Marketing strategies and processes, Elissa has delivered measurable results. She is passionate about streamlining for measures of success by identifying and accelerating strategic measures that strengthen performance while providing custom enterprise solutions to workflow challenges to focus on improvement through modernization of business process improvement, operations, and data management.


Dan Perkins
Systems Analyst / Solutions Architect
Rego Consulting

Dan Perkins was born and currently lives in the beautiful state of Utah. As a “Jack of all trades,” Dan enjoys working on and learning different types of work and specialties. Being a Workfront Trainer, Consultant, Certification Manager, and Partner Program Manager, Dan provides deep insight and understanding into the interconnective needs within all levels of the organization. Most of all, Dan loves to spend quality time with his children and the love of his life.


Sam Chapman
Senior Consultant
Rego Consulting




As a proven SaaS Implementation Consultant, Change Agent, and Servant leader, Sam turns business challenges into implemented solutions. He’s an expert in enhancing efficiency, developing strategic initiatives, and managing each segment of high-impact project implementations. As someone who is dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, service, and uncompromising ethics, he holds a proven track record of implementing the necessary solutions to meet objectives.