What’s New in IBM Apptio Costing & Planning in Q2, 2024

Join Rego Senior Apptio Consultant, Phil Probst, and learn about the new features released in IBM Apptio Costing & Planning for Q2 2024. You will discover how to access and enable each feature, different use cases, and the advantages of the new features.



Phil Probst
Senior Consultant, Apptio
Rego Consulting

Prior to joining Rego Consulting as a Senior Consultant, Phil spent over seven years honing his expertise in Technology Business Management (TBM) at Apptio. There, he specialized in delivering various Apptio solutions, focusing on ApptioOne and IT Planning. He brings extensive experience to the table, specializing in IT Planning, Cost Transparency (full-stack) modeling, and DataLink. Phil's background extends beyond Apptio, encompassing a previous role in technology and consulting. Today, he leverages this well-rounded knowledge and experience at Rego Consulting to empower clients on their TBM journey. His passion lies in fostering collaborative environments where problem-solving is driven by a data-driven approach, leading to real, impactful results.