What is FinOps?

Are you struggling to manage your cloud costs? Are you unsure how to maximize the value you're getting from your cloud investment?

Join FinOps-certified practitioner, Stewart Kasen as he explores FinOps— the framework for optimizing your cloud spending and achieving true cloud agility.

You will discover:

  • 6 core principles that guide effective FinOps practices
  • The language of FinOps
  • Recommend first steps to get started on your FinOps journey



Stewart Kasen
Senior Consultant
Rego Consulting

Stewart Kasen is a Senior Rego Cloudability Guide and is a Certified FinOps Practitioner and Certified Agile Scrum Master. Stewart began his career at Ford Motor Company where he guided teams in their journey from traditional IT delivery teams to Agile Product Teams. Stewart then worked at Apptio helping new customers and existing customers improve their FinOps capabilities.