Tuning Apptio Performance

Apptio empowers users to make decisions using data and insights. It is critical to ensure Apptio is performing optimally in order to access data and insights quickly. In this webinar, we will be exploring the tools that give the TBMA insight into what is impacting performance and common configuration recommendations that will help reduce calculation times.



Eric Chan
Apptio Consultant
Rego Consulting

Eric has been involved in software implementations for over eight years within different industries. He has worked closely with clients in all stages of implementing Apptio. Eric collaborated with clients on gathering requirements, documenting solutions, and utilizing data relationships to create financial models for actuals, budget, and forecasting. He has extensive experience advising leadership and Technology Business Management offices on best practices, change management, and socialization around IT financing.


Vu Nguyen
Technology Business Management (TBM) Advisor
Rego Consulting

Vu has over seven years of TBM and Apptio experience and has helped countless Fortune 500 companies gain greater IT cost transparency. He is passionate about analyzing and providing actionable insights to improve TBM business processes and governance. He provides leadership for Apptio software implementation, TBM framework application, business model development, corporate strategy creation, systems integrations, project delivery, and process improvement. Vu, and his team at Rego Consulting, help businesses get more value out of their Apptio and ATP investments using their deep technical product knowledge, industry experience, and domain expertise. As a TBM coach and advisor, Vu guides organizations using industry best practices and processes tailored to their specific needs.