Understanding Time Tracking is Key

Tracking time is often a contentious topic; your view depends on your role, your business objectives, and your understanding of the desired outcomes.

Each year at Rego, we poll our 200 consultants about the trends and issues of our clients. And time tracking comes up year after year; it is probably one of the most polarizing topics. Information about actual effort is vital to business operations for variety of reasons, but it’s only valuable if the data is accurate and trusted. The level of detail needs to be aligned with what was estimated. At the same time, it can’t be so granular that time trackers think you’re monitoring bio breaks or causing them to spend more time finding the right task than doing actual work. It can be really tricky!

Whether you're setting up time tracking for the first time or are re-evaluating your organization's existing approach, this white paper is designed to help you implement a sound strategy. 

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