The Art of Annual Planning: Creating a Balanced and Prioritized Roadmap

Annual Planning – It looks different in every organization, and for some, it is being shifted to a more "continuous planning" model.

However, there are some common goals and activities that persist regardless of your planning model. There are financial and resource constraints to consider. We must also align with strategic objectives, OKRs, or business outcomes.

But how do we go about creating a plan which layers in-flight and proposed work within all these considerations, to create a balanced and prioritized roadmap?

Join us as we share best practices and lessons learned firsthand. You will discover a practical, realistic, and flexible approach for bringing all the pieces together to create a shared understanding for your organization's planning needs.


Matthew holds certifications in ITIL, LSS, PMP, and SAFe LPM. He has nearly three decades of experience in the technology industry, most of it spent leading an IT PMO and implementing large-scale enterprise initiatives as part of an EPMO. Currently he is part of the Agile Operations Division at Rego Consulting, helping customers to solve complex business challenges using ValueOps Solutions. His areas of specialization include Portfolio Management, Program/Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Process Improvement, and Enterprise Agility.


Matthew Palicki
ValueOps Solutions Engineer

Rego Consulting