The 5-Step TBM Transformation Journey Map

One of the most common pitfalls as IT organizations begin their TBM journey is not considering the “governance and change leadership” needed to fully adopt the framework. In fact, one of the biggest barriers to any IT transformation is culture.

The sole purpose of TBM is to enable organizations with a better way to discuss needs, tradeoffs, and funding decisions with the business in terms that they can understand.

In this webinar, discover the key design principles for each of the 5 phases of the journey map. You will learn solutions to common challenges as well as best practices.

TBM Transformation Journey Map 5 Phases
1. Leadership Alignment
2. Define high Level Changes
3. Activate Early Adopters
4. Operate and Accelerate Change
5. Optimize



Tim Pietro
VP Business Development
Rego Consulting

Tim has spent a lot of time of his career pioneering new solutions that empower companies to leverage enhanced visibility into their IT spending to redistribute more toward growth and transformation. Tim spent the majority of his 25-year career at Cisco Systems in IT followed by leadership roles at VMware and ServiceNow. Tim has been a key part of the cross-industry team that developed the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework. In addition to his role at Rego Consulting as VP of Business Development, he continues to cultivate a strong presence throughout the industry as a member of the TBM Council Steering Committee and was recently published in ‘The Next CIO’ book which is now an Amazon best seller. He has been invited to the White House multiple times to help support our US CIO on the 2023 TBM Public Sector mandate and continues to support that effort.

Tim’s expertise comprises of over 15 years of experience in the TBM space. His focus is on operationalizing TBM across the IT Organization with focus on organizational change management and governance.