Streamlining Clarity Project Resource Management:
Wabtec’s Journey with Excel Data Manager & Power BI

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by data and want an easier way to improve assignment planning and resource management outcomes? This webinar showcases Wabtec’s journey of transforming resource management using readily available tools: Microsoft Excel and Power BI.

 Wabtec’s Clarity SysAdmin and resident SME will share:

  • The challenges faced in managing resource data
  • How they leveraged Excel Data Manager to organize data and discovered hidden trends
  • Their experience with Power BI - creating clear and informative reports and dashboards
  • Techniques used to gain actionable insights that improved resource allocation decisions

 This webinar puts you in the shoes of a resource manager who successfully tackled data challenges. You'll hear firsthand how they leveraged Excel Data Manager and Power BI to gain valuable insights and streamline their workflow. Whether you're new to data management or looking to refine your skills, this session offers practical takeaways you can apply to your own resource data.

About Wabtec Corporation
Wabtec, Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation, is a global leader in transportation equipment and services. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Wabtec helps railways and transit systems operate efficiently and safely worldwide. Wabtec employs over 27,000 employees in over 50 countries.



Alan Brobst Photo

Alan Brobst
Project Controls Architect/Clarity SysAdmin and SME

A recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) with 34 years of experience in the railroad industry, Alan Brobst leverages his expertise as a Project Controls Architect and Clarity SysAdmin at Wabtec. He specializes in developing and deploying innovative technologies that seamlessly integrate with traditional ERP systems. Alan's focus lies on enhancing project, resource, and risk management for improved efficiency and decision-making.