What's New in Quebec - Part 1:
PPM and Agile

Quebec is the latest release from ServiceNow. Join us for part one of this two-part webinar series for insights and a demo to explore new features and functionality in project management and Agile. 

Rego Expert Guides Kathleen Wittleder and Kelly Limberg will demonstrate how to leverage Quebec to increase productivity and innovation. 



Kathleen Wittleder
Functional Consultant
Rego Consulting

Kathleen is a certified PPM with real-world experience that spans nearly 30 years in project management, PMO development, Portfolio, IT Finance and process management. With broad industry experience, Kathleen enjoys solving client’s problems with common sense approaches that meet the specific needs of the organization. Kathleen also enjoys, hiking, cooking, and traveling with her family.


Kelly Limberg
ServiceNow Senior Technical Director
Rego Consulting

A lifelong resident of Sonoma County, CA, Kelly helps companies make their PPM software significantly more efficient. Whether it’s enterprise applications, database and network tuning, or application level debugging, Kelly has a sixth sense about how to find and improve systems. A ServiceNow Implementation Specialist, Kelly learned to hone his craft over 15 years at International Microcomputer Software, Applied Business Technology, NIKU, Toyota, and CA Technologies. At Rego, Kelly is the line of business lead for Rego Performance Management, a service that identifies CA PPM users with insights, analysis, and actionable steps to improve performance. When not fine tuning PPM for clients, Kelly likes to fine tune his biking and ultimate Frisbee skills.