Being Agile with ServiceNow

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With the release of Kingston, ServiceNow supports Agile features that are configurable to any methodology. In this webinar, you'll learn how to set up an Agile environment in ServiceNow, leverage enhancements for user stories, and create sprints. 
Rego guides Rob Greca and Kelly Limberg are experts in Agile delivery and services, and have assisted leading PMO organizations looking to adopt Agile and hybrid solutions. 

Rob Greca
Managing Director Agile Services
Rego Consulting

Rob Greca has extensive PPM consulting and industry experience where he has led or assisted leaders through various strategic and transformation initiatives at all scales. With more than fifteen years of experience, Rob has broad industry exposure spanning technology, financial services, retail, utilities, and pharmaceuticals. Rob specializes in large scale, enterprise-wide strategic transformations. In his spare time, Rob spends time with his wife, three kids, two dogs, two cats, and the kids he coaches in a club he founded: The Innovator’s Lab.


Kelly Limberg
ServiceNow Solutions Architect
Rego Consulting

A lifelong resident of Sonoma County, CA, Kelly helps companies make their PPM software significantly more efficient. Whether it’s enterprise applications, database and network tuning, or application level debugging, Kelly has a sixth sense about how to find and improve systems. A ServiceNow Implementation Specialist, Kelly learned to hone his craft over 15 years at International Microcomputer Software, Applied Business Technology, NIKU, Toyota, and CA Technologies. At Rego, Kelly is the line of business lead for Rego Performance Management, a service that identifies CA PPM users with insights, analysis, and actionable steps to improve performance. When not fine tuning PPM for clients, Kelly likes to fine tune his biking and ultimate Frisbee skills.