PPM, APM & CMDB Health – Arizona Public Service’s ‘Better Together’ Journey

Join ServiceNow, Rego Consulting, and Arizona Public Service (APS) for an informal conversation to learn how APS has successfully leveraged ServiceNow’s PPM, APM and CMDB modules to effectively support their IT Business Management initiatives.


As a legacy “Eureka” version ServiceNow customer, Arizona Public Service has experienced quite a platform journey. Join us as we talk with Brett Brunk, Head of APS’s Architecture and Service Management team, to discuss how their implementation of ServiceNow PPM, APM and CMDB is positively supporting their efforts to run IT like a business and drive cost reductions.

In this interactive session, we’ll discuss:

  1. Their decision to move to a ServiceNow first approach and use of APM
  2. The importance of CMDB health and positive implications of having both CMDB and APM on the same platform.
  3. Goals of tying together the platform (ITBM, APM, ITSM)
  4. Assessing the company’s Application Portfolio and using that data to drive decisions and investments


3:00 pm – 3:10 pm Central: Welcome and Introductions
3:10 pm – 3:25 pm Central: Updates from ServiceNow
3:25 pm – 4:15 pm Central: Rego Consulting/Arizona Public Service ~ APS’ ‘Better Together’ Journey

Bill Moore
, Regional Director, Rego Consulting
Kimberly Eisendrath, ITBM Solution Consultant, ServiceNow
Brett Brunk, Head of Architecture and Service Management Team, Arizona Public Service