Investment Funding for ServiceNow

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Are you confused about Investment Funding and how it can help you and your organization? Join us for an insider view of this powerful new offering from ServiceNow.

Our expert guides will discuss the following topics and questions:

  • What is Investment Funding?
  • How is Investment Funding different than the Portfolio Workbench?
  • Where do I set up Investment Funding, and how can I learn more about it?
  • How are other organizations using Investment funding?

Join Rego guides Kathleen Wittleder, Mark Lundquist, and Tom Santos to learn how ServiceNow’s Investment Funding can assist your organization.



Kathleen Wittleder
Functional Consultant
Rego Consulting

Kathleen is a certified PPM with real-world experience that spans nearly 30 years in project management, PMO development, Portfolio, IT Finance and process management. With broad industry experience, Kathleen enjoys solving client’s problems with common sense approaches that meet the specific needs of the organization. Kathleen also enjoys, hiking, cooking, and traveling with her family.


Mark Lundquist
Managing Director, ServiceNow
Rego Consulting

Mark Lundquist has spent over 20 years managing, designing, and implementing practice & process methodologies to drive the effectiveness of the PMO. As the Managing Director of Rego Consulting’s ServiceNow line of business, Mark is responsible for resource management, operations, training, process consulting, project execution, and sales/pre-sales. He is a skilled thought leader and communicator, and he's an expert PMO practitioner with a balanced, straight-forward approach—focused on simplicity and effective communication strategies. Mark is passionate about enterprise portfolio planning and execution strategy because “platforms like ServiceNow can enable the enterprise to effectively plan for and execute key corporate strategic initiatives.” In his off hours, Mark can be found outside: traipsing golf courses and fishing lakes and oceans.


Tom Santos
Senior Microsoft and ServiceNow Architect
Rego Consulting

Rego Guide, Tom Santos is an Office 365 Expert and more importantly, he’s an Office 365 enthusiast. Over the last 10 years, he’s helped large and small companies get the most out of SharePoint and Office 365, building everything from simple document repositories to elaborate team sites and custom applications. One of Tom’s special skills is making tools accessible, and he’s trained hundreds of users—increasing tool adoption everywhere he goes.