Technology Business Management & Enterprise Technology Management – Better Together!

With so many industries moving to autonomous operations, from self-driving cars to smart factories, today’s CIO needs to continue to think about also moving IT to an autonomous, self-driving operation. Why? Every CIO is being challenged to do more with less.

How does the CIO fund disruptive innovation such as digital transformation, while also paying to keep the lights on - managing and securing the modern, extremely complex technology landscape required to run and secure the business?

A big obstacle to achieving autonomous IT is processes like employee offboarding that span siloed management tools, and that are mostly done manually. This creates cost inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and higher risks for human error. Siloed management tools also create data hygiene issues, as they frequently store inconsistent data regarding the same asset. Up to now, the only option CIOs had to automate these processes has been to resource long, complex IT projects to build custom, in-house solutions.

In this session you will learn about:

  • How Technology Business Management (TBM) accelerates the value of Enterprise Technology Management (ETM)
  • The merits of an ETM application to help CIOs and IT better describe, automate, and optimize the processes that span siloed tools
  • How to improve process efficiency, enhance security and compliance, and provide enhanced business observability by deploying enterprise ETM applications to automate common IT processes instead of building custom, in-house solutions.
  • How ETM applications complement TBM + ITSM + CMDB deployments



Tim Pietro
VP Business Development
Rego Consulting

Tim Pietro recently joined Apptio Partner of the Year – Rego Consulting. Tim has spent his career pioneering new solutions that empower companies to leverage enhanced visibility into their IT spending to redistribute more toward growth and transformation. Tim spent the majority of his 25-year career at Cisco Systems in IT followed by leadership roles at VMware and ServiceNow. Tim has been a key part of the cross-industry team that developed the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework. In addition to his role at Rego Consulting at VP of Business Development, he continues to cultivate a strong presence throughout the industry as a member of the TBM Council Steering Committee and was recently published in The Next CIO, which is an Amazon best seller. He has been invited to the White House multiple times to help support our US CIO on the 2023 TBM Public Sector mandate and continues to support that effort. Tim’s expertise comprises of over 15 years of experience in the TBM space. His focus is on operationalizing TBM across the IT Organization with a focus on organizational change management and governance.

Vince Vasquez

Vince Vasquez
Bestselling Author of The Next CIO | Business and IT Consultant

Antonio Vincent Vasquez has more than 35 years of experience working in the technology industry in various roles from designing, building and testing products to marketing and selling them. In 2010, Vince founded Crowdstory to offer storytelling and fractional CMO services, with a specialization in the technology industry. Leveraging this experience, Vince wrote the books: "The Next CIO" and "Precision Construction."