Join the Rally Product Team Live

Rally Software® is renowned for its ability to support Agile team autonomy while maintaining organizational alignment. Coming soon, Rally Software® will have a whole new look and feel. 
Join Rego and the Rally product team live to demo the new release, learn about the enhancements, and find out how you can take advantage of Broadcom's Starter Edition program—which includes 50 free Rally licenses. 



Greg Gould
Head of Product at Rally

As the head of the Rally Software® product at Broadcom, Greg takes a customer-first approach to testing and delivering new products. He's known for balancing commercial instincts with the application of lean and agile product methodologies to get new product ideas off the ground quickly. Greg is as fearless in identifying and killing a bad idea as he is in pursuing a new line of business.

Rob Greca
Managing Director Agile Services
Rego Consulting

Rob has extensive PPM consulting and industry experience where he has led or assisted leaders through various strategic and transformation initiatives at all scales. With more than fifteen years of experience, Rob has broad industry exposure spanning technology, financial services, retail, utilities, and pharmaceuticals. Rob specializes in large scale, enterprise-wide strategic transformations. In his spare time, Rob spends time with his wife, three kids, two dogs, two cats, and the kids he coaches in a club he founded: The Innovator’s Lab.


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