Radar for Workfront

In this webinar, our Rego guides will introduce Radar for Workfront. With Radar, organizations can create fully integrated strategies for events, schedules, and objects, including Workfront Programs, Projects, or Tasks. Because the Radar platform is seamlessly integrated with Workfront, plans and schedules are always synchronized.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Accelerating scheduling and planning
  • Visibility into marketing plans, schedules or roadmaps
  • Strategic alignment
  • Managing purchase orders



David Romney
SVP, Strategic Solutions
Rego Consulting

David Romney, SVP of Strategic Solutions has helped organizations design and architect strategic turnarounds in a variety of areas that include product development, marketing services, insurance, and financial services. David was a founding partner of Moventus, which is now a Rego Consulting Company.


David Taylor
SVP, Managed Support
Rego Consulting

As a former military acquisitions officer in the United States Air Force, David has served our country proudly in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and other areas throughout the world. Certified by the Department of Defense in Project Management at its highest level, and has the civilian equivalent, PMI Certified PMP. After his military service, David became an Implementation Team Manager for Enterprise Accounts at Workfront and is Workfront Master Certified. David has led companies in change management, strategic planning, and establishing Workfront as an Operational System of Record. David is a co-founder of Moventus, which today is a Rego Consulting Company.