Product Funding Using Rally and Clarity

Today, most high-performing organizations recognize that moving from project-funding to product-funding is necessary for achieving business agility. What doesn't exist in the industry is guidance on how to support the transition from a tooling perspective.

In this session, Rego Expert Guide Robert Sirard presents a practical and tactical approach to using Clarity's software and Rally's Agile software together to plan, track, monitor, and deliver products.

At Rego, we realize that not everything needs to be done in an Agile manner, so Robert will discuss how this approach also supports a mix of traditional and Agile investments.



Rob Sirard
Agile Coact
Rego Consulting

Rob is an Agile Coach with proven success in global business agility transformations and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) implementations in the e-Commerce, Healthcare, Banking, and Hospitality industries. Experience training and coaching Scrum, Kanban, and Lean concepts to all levels of an organization ranging from value proposition presentations of Agile adoption with Senior Management to providing hands-on leadership and coaching of day to day operations with Agile Teams.