Portfolio and Roadmaps - Best Practices

Clarity’s Roadmap capabilities continue to accelerate organizations and help drive insights for planning and execution.

But, if you aren’t using them, where do you start? What are other clients doing, and how do those practices help? And what is the difference between Roadmaps and Portfolios?

In this informative and fun webinar, our expert guides will discuss:

  1. Some case studies of Rego customers who are leveraging Roadmaps to drive value
  2. The benefits of using the Roadmap
  3. The fundamental difference between Roadmaps and Portfolios
  4. Some tips and tricks for how to use the tool effectively



Alyson Poston
Chief Customer Success Officer
Rego Consulting

Alyson Poston is the Chief Customer Success Officer at Rego where she is responsible for keeping customers happy and up to speed with innovative techniques and tools that will help them drive success. Prior to joining Rego, Alyson was a Vice President of pre-sales at Medallia, focusing on customer experience management. But she “earned her stripes” elevating IT leaders, PMOs, and Project managers for 19 years with CA’s Clarity/PPM team(via Niku). She held various roles at CA including Strategic Advisor in Presales, working as a product consultant and a trainer.


Mindy Calderon
Senior Educator
Rego Consulting

Mindy Calderon brings a passion for learning as well as IT consulting, education, and training expertise to her classroom. Students thrive on her enthusiasm and interactive approach to education. Mindy has been in the training and education industry for over 30 years and has been a certified Clarity PPM Functional instructor since 2008. Before joining Rego Consulting, Mindy worked at CA Technologies as a Senior Instructor. Her previous experience includes serving as the Project Management Office Education and Training Lead for Chrysler, LLC, and functioning as a training specialist for Dynatek. Mindy also owned Computer Sense, an IT Training and Consulting company.


Mike Pokorny
Solutions Architect
Rego Consulting

Mike Pokorny has been with Rego Consulting for over a year as a Clarity Solution Architect where he is responsible for helping guide customers tactically and strategically with their Clarity implementations. Prior to joining Rego, Mike was at CA for over a decade in various roles from Associate Services Consultant to Solutions Architect.