Managing Resources in a Hybrid World

The days of “one size fits all” for managing resources have come to an end. In these ever-changing times, getting resources to help has only become more complicated. Cross-methodologies such as Scrum, Lean, SAFe, Traditional, and simple work management may all be applied in your organization. As a result, your resources might be getting pushed and pulled in many different directions.

In this webinar, we will cover some of the ways Clarity and Rego can help. From executive visibility to tactical worksheets, we will discuss some techniques that have worked to balance this complex challenge.



Alyson Poston
Chief Customer Success Officer
Rego Consulting

Alyson Poston is the Chief Customer Success Officer at Rego where she is responsible for keeping customers happy and up to speed with innovative techniques and tools that will help them drive success. Prior to joining Rego, Alyson was a Vice President of presales at Medallia, focusing on customer experience management. But she “earned her stripes” elevating IT leaders, PMOs, and Project managers for 19 years with CA’s Clarity/PPM team (via Niku). She held various roles at CA including Strategic Advisor in Presales, working as a product consultant and a trainer.