Making IT an Innovation Incubator

Demands for innovation from IT have never been higher. But how can use optimize the tools you already have to drive innovation and success, yet not break the bank?

In this session, Rego Guides Wes McCoubrie and Alyson Poston will share their Gartner-presentation and discuss successful practices and tips:

1. Create a “safe space” for innovation
2. Connect both tools and processes for speed
3. Compliment your existing infrastructure and teams with visibility and insight
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Wes McCoubrie
Senior PPM Consultant
Rego Consulting

Wes McCoubrie is a Solution Architect with 12 years in the PPM space. At various companies, he has led PMOs and helped establish Tools & Governance teams filled with great people.


Alyson Poston
Chief Customer Success Officer
Rego Consulting

As the Chief Customer Success Officer at Rego Consulting, Alyson’s focus all about happy clients! With more than 20 years of experience in technology, Alyson has focused most of her career working in the Project and Portfolio Management space as she began at Niku (CA/Broadcom) in 1999 as a trainer and consultant. She then moved to the “dark side” and spent many years supporting sales as a presales/solutions consultant.  In a previous life, Alyson cultivated her love of history as a high school World History teacher before turning her interest to software and technology. More recently, however, Alyson worked as a Vice President of Presales at Medallia, a customer experience software solution, where she focused on both demos and enablement. Alyson recently relocated back to her native Texas and has even started using “y’all” again! If she isn’t on her computer, she is at her art studio where she is an amateur metal-smith.