Know Thyself at Work Webinar Series

At work, especially during stressful times, we can be swept up in daily events and get lost in the drama. We often do not realize it’s happening until we are immersed in feelings of anger, frustration, or fear.

But are we getting off-balance over nothing? While we may have the perception that our feelings are justified, can we be sure that our interpretation of what’s happening is correct?

In this session, we will take a look at how we process stressful situations and determine if reality–and the story in our head about reality–are the same. (Spoiler alert! They are not.)



Grant Zemont
Director, Training Services
Rego Consulting

Grant Zemont is a PPM consultant and the Director of Training Services for Rego Consulting. Over the past twenty-two years, his career has revolved around project and resource management as a practitioner, leader, and educator. His approach focuses on the people side of the equation, embracing conscious leadership principles.