How to Implement Successful Resource Management in Clarity PPM

Companies of all shapes and sizes need to know if they have the right people working on the right things at the right time, to meet their objectives.

Today we will share how the Advanced Resource Planning innovation for Clarity PPM will help you cope with the challenges of Resource Management. 

As we learned in Part 1, cross-project Resource Planning is not an easy task, even with the support of tools like Clarity PPM.

With Advanced Resource Planning from itdesign, you can optimize fast resource planning. As you plan, you will see the effects of your changes on resource workload in real-time. This will allow you to create realistic plans and make the best decisions based on reliable data. 

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Bianca Hartwich
Account Manager, PPM

Bianca’s expertise particularly lies in the area of Resource Management in Clarity PPM. As an Account Manager, her mission is to improve customers’ Resource Management by introducing valuable PPM Solutions. In doing so, the decisive factor is the right tool: Clarity PPM and especially the add-on “itd Advanced Resource Planning” – for both of which Bianca is an expert.


Johannes Schuett
Senior Consultant, PPM

As a PPM consultant, Johannes is helping customers to introduce and improve their Clarity PPM. His focus is on mastering the challenge of Resource Management in the context of software, human behavior and agile trends. He is also an expert for the Clarity PPM add-on itd Advanced Resource Planning. 


Josh Childers
Clarity Consultant
Rego Consulting

Josh is an experienced leader with a background in Project & Portfolio Management and Portfolio Management Organization. He has an IT background with a primary focus in SDLC and is a technical person who enjoys hands-on development approaches to client solutions. He has been in the IT industry since 2001, primarily in Project Management and Portfolio Management and has received his PMP certification in 2013. 

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