Integrations in the Post-Pandemic "New Normal"

It’s said that adversity is the greatest of teachers. Even as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple throughout the world, organizations are rethinking and, in some cases, making significant changes to structures, processes, and fundamental operating principles. This “new normal” working environment has highlighted how businesses that want to succeed are often held back by inefficiencies, legacy tools, and siloed thinking.

In collaboration with Adobe Workfront, Rego Consulting recently surveyed asset delivery and organizational adaptability to assess what tools and platforms are in use and to what extent these tools enable people to get their best work done.

In this white paper, we’ll discuss one of the key insights the survey uncovered: the need for better integrations between Operational Systems and Delivery Systems. We’ll also provide an in-depth look at the Rego Integration Maturity Model, a roadmap that will help you self-diagnose where you are currently, and the next steps you can take to integrate these two key systems.