Increase Apptio Engagement & Adoption with regoEngage

TBM offices spend significant effort building a cost model, but it can be difficult to get reporting in front of the stakeholders that will benefit from it. Engaging with these stakeholders is key to leveraging the value of Apptio. We’ll show you how regoEngage can bring TBM’s insights directly to stakeholders, driving adoption and positive change in your organization.



Josh Roberto
Principal TBM Consultant
Rego Consulting

I have over eight years of Apptio Technology Business Management (TBM) experience. I worked at Apptio for over five years. During that time, I led many initiatives and implemented numerous Apptio deployments as the Tech Lead, Solutions Architect, and Data Engineer. After leaving Apptio, I founded BoostTBM, where we focused on complex use cases, custom requirements and helping TBM Offices operationalize Apptio. Leveraging our platform expertise, we built an Apptio mobile app and an "emailer plugin," which is now called RegoEngage. BoostTBM was acquired in 2022 by Rego Consulting, where I now co-lead the TBM Practice.


Doug Greer
Managing Director, TBM Services
Rego Consulting

Doug Greer is a business technology consultant with over 12 years of experience in IT business management, IT financial management, IT transformations, strategic consulting, project/program management, and professional services delivery. He's an expert in bridging the gaps between the people, process and technical aspects of complex business technology needs.