How Has Covid-19 Impacted Work Management?

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Workfront and Rego teamed-up to survey customers about the work management impact Covid-19 has had on their organization and their people. This survey covered a variety of topics, including integrations and collaboration tools and the rapid shift to remote work environments.

Join Rego expert guides Andrew Frost and David Romney as they review and discuss these survey results and the things organizations can do moving forward. We'll go through each survey question so you can see how you and your organization compare against the full survey.


Andrew Frost
VP, Solution Architect
Rego Consulting

Andrew is a highly regarded change management expert and solution architect working with some of Rego’s largest Workfront customers. Prior to joining Rego, Andrew was Senior Director of Marketing Technology & Operations at Fidelity where he designed and implemented digital marketing capabilities and operating models for Fidelity Charitable.


David Romney
SVP Strategic Solutions
Rego Consulting

David Romney, SVP of Strategic Solutions, has helped organizations design and architect strategic turnarounds in a variety of areas that include product development, marketing services, insurance, and financial services. David was a founding partner of Moventus, which is now a Rego Consulting Company.