Give Your Daily Stand-Up a Power Up

Teams running effective stand-ups experience increased collaboration. They see faster completion of work, improvements in subdividing work, faster speed and quality of story point estimation, improved attention and participation, accelerated development, and more!

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  1. Why teams run a daily stand-up
  2. What outcomes to look for in the daily stand-up
  3. How to increase the value of your teams' next daily stand-up



Jarrod Reed
Agile Coach
Rego Consulting

Jarrod Reed has over 12 years of Agile coaching experience working with teams, teams of teams, product management, business owners, and executives. As a senior Agile Coach, he possesses expertise in Agile and non-agile development frameworks, including Scrum, Scrum at Scale, SAFe, LeSS, DaD, Kanban, and more.

Jarrod is passionate about helping his clients reach their goals without judgement. He does this by promoting individual growth, self-organization, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

He holds SPC, ICP-ATF, and ICP-ACP certifications and is well-versed in Lean, Theory of Constraints, Product Development, Complexity Science, Network Science, Systems Thinking, Team Design, and Design Thinking. When Jarrod isn’t working with clients, he is busy staying current with the latest Agile developments to ensure his clients benefit from the most innovative and up-to-date practices.