Enhance Your Clarity Data Visualization and Analysis with Rego’s Free Clarity BI Dashboards

Are you looking for a way to improve your decision-making with Clarity data? If so, join us and discover Rego's free Clarity BI Dashboards. These dashboards provide a wealth of insights that can help you track progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

 In this webinar, expert Rego Guides, Bob Werner and Lulu Wang, will provide an overview of Rego’s Clarity BI Dashboards features. Then, they will show you how the dashboards easily enable you to access and analyze your data from anywhere.

 You will learn:

  • how to access and use Rego’s Clarity BI Dashboards, a free set of PowerBI dashboards that can enhance your Clarity data visualization and analysis.
  • how to choose from eight sets of dashboards, with over sixty views total, and how to customize them to fit your organization’s needs.
  • how these dashboards can help you streamline reporting processes, increase visibility, leverage real-time analytics, and improve business outcomes.

Join us and discover how these dashboards can help you, project managers, portfolio managers, executives, and any other stakeholders who use Clarity data, make better, faster decisions.



Bob Werner
Sr. Director Sales Engineering.    
Rego Consulting

Bob brings a wealth of experience in pre-sales with a variety of software platforms including Project and Portfolio Management, Agile, e-Procurement, Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Capital Management.  He has worked in a number of industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Professional Services and Manufacturing.

Lulu Wang

Lulu Wang
Clarity Reporting

Rego Consulting

Lulu studied Computer Science in both undergrade and graduate school, and started her career as a Database Developer. Since then, she has accumulated over 12 years of extensive experience in the data-related domain, and expanded her expertise in various adjacent areas such as designing data ETL processes, performing data analytics, and developing BI solutions. Before joining Rego in Dec. 2022, she worked at Fiserv for 9 years in various roles from Sr. Database Developer to Lead BI Engineer.