Demystify Project Management with Clarity:
Live Demo by Rego Consulting

Ready to streamline your projects and boost portfolio performance?  Join Rego Consulting for a live demo of Clarity, the leading project portfolio management (PPM) solution.

See Clarity in action! This live event will showcase a real-world, end-to-end demonstration, giving you a glimpse into the power of PPM solutions.

  • Gain valuable insights into real-world use cases, showcasing the power of Clarity to improve visibility and control.
  • Discover how to optimize resources and maximize portfolio performance with Clarity's powerful tools.
  • Witness the value of clear prioritization, resource optimization, and real-time insights.
  • Experience how Clarity can streamline workflows and boost portfolio performance.

No prior PPM knowledge required - our Rego guides will lead you through Clarity's functionalities, answering your questions in real-time.



Alyson Poston
Chief Customer Success Officer
Rego Consulting

Alyson Poston is the Chief Customer Success Officer at Rego where she is responsible for keeping customers happy and up to speed with innovative techniques and tools that will help them drive success. Prior to joining Rego, Alyson was a Vice President of presales at Medallia, focusing on customer experience management. But she “earned her stripes” elevating IT leaders, PMOs, and Project managers for 19 years with CA’s Clarity/PPM team (via Niku). She held various roles at CA including Strategic Advisor in Presales, working as a product consultant and a trainer.


Bob Werner
Sr. Director Sales Engineering.  
Rego Consulting

Bob brings a wealth of experience in pre-sales with a variety of software platforms including Project and Portfolio Management, Agile, e-Procurement, Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Capital Management.  He has worked in a number of industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Professional Services and Manufacturing.