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If your team needs to adopt tools and processes to get work done better and faster, this webinar is for you.

Teams and organizations can invest in an entire suite of cutting-edge tools, but if people don’t use them, they don’t produce any value. If you need people to adopt systems and processes for accomplishing work, you must ensure that they are the right fit. People must be allowed to work the way they want to work.

At its heart, strategic and tactical work is a human story that enables organizational value. This strategy must be designed “for Work Management, not just with a tool.”

In this webinar, you will learn how to drive user adoption of processes and tools by improving poor data to achieve rich outcomes. You will also discover how to take a people-centric approach to process and system design that will improve team performance and increase value.



Erich Kissel
Sr. PPM & Agile Solutions Architect
Rego Consulting

In addition to a skills-based volunteerism, Erich is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) thought-leader and systems architect/group manager who has delivered solutions that put people at the center of process ecosystems via adoption-centric design, and proven value delivery methodologies.

This has included the enablement of executive success through customer-facing consulting and internal IT leadership roles, mainly focused on SaaS and On-Prem PPM, Agile (SAFe), ITIL, and Organizational Change Management (OCM) outcomes-based initiatives.

He is also a contributing author of the book Realize PPM (2020), an active blogger, professional Twitter account manager and has presented and participated in many industry events, including Global PMI, Gartner Summit, and Magic Quadrant white papers.