Executive Sponsorship / Adoption for Clarity PPM

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Every organization struggles with adoption—it's how we handle it that counts. Do your users understand the business value of processes and tools? Is executive leadership committed to adopting the platform themselves?
In this entertaining and informative conversation, Rego expert guides Wes McCoubrie and Jacob Cancelliere host a gameshow-style countdown of the top five signs of low adoption, followed by strategies that inspire success. Join us for a laugh at 10:40. 

Wes McCoubrie
Senior PPM Consultant
Rego Consulting

Wes McCoubrie is a Solution Architect with 12 years in the PPM space. At various companies, he has led PMOs and helped establish Tools & Governance teams filled with great people.


Jacob Cancelliere
PPM Consultant
Rego Consulting

Jacob Cancelliere is a PMP certified Project and Portfolio Management expert. He has more than ten years of experience in PPM system implementations and has helped over a dozen PMOs design and implement sustainable solutions. Jacob specializes in resource management tools and methodologies to help create balanced project roadmaps and supported staffing plans.

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Rego also offers free health assessmentswebinars, and half-day training classes for Clarity PPM on Roadmaps in the Modern UX, Power BI, Portfolio Management, and Jaspersoft. 

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