Clarity KPIs and Metrics

KPIs and metrics have been around forever. With the prevalence of Agile integrations and an increased focus on business value, it is time for a reimagining of progress and success measurements in Clarity.

In this webinar, Rego expert guides Alyson Poston and Wes McCoubrie will discuss the following:

  • Metrics you should monitor beyond the traditional Scope, Schedule, Cost and Effort.
  • Key Agile data you should incorporate into your metrics.
  • Today’s critical business metrics and key results (OKRs) to track.
  • What comes out-of-the-box with Clarity, and of those, which ones does Rego recommend you introduce into your organization.



Alyson Poston
Chief Customer Success Officer
Rego Consulting

Alyson Poston is the Chief Customer Success Officer at Rego, where she is responsible for keeping customers happy and up to speed with innovative techniques and tools that will help them drive success. Prior to joining Rego, Alyson was a Vice President of pre-sales at Medallia, focusing on customer experience management. But she “earned her stripes,” elevating IT leaders, PMOs, and Project managers for 19 years with CA’s Clarity/PPM team (via Niku). She held various roles at CA, including Strategic Advisor in Presales, working as a product consultant and a trainer.


Wes McCoubrie
Senior PPM Consultant

Rego Consulting

Wes McCoubrie is a Senior Solution Architect, with over 15 years of experience in implementing PPM solutions across varied industries and business units. In every engagement, he couples his systems engineering background with real-world study gained as a past PMO manager to provide tailored solutions that are backed by the long-term strategic guidance needed to realize the full value of PPM. It’s his mission to become and remain a trusted advisor for all of his clients well beyond any one successful go-live.