Clarity in the Chaos: How to Navigate
Uncertainty with Confidence

The economic rollercoaster continues! Unforeseen shifts in markets, consumer behavior, and regulations are leaving businesses feeling like they're on a constant spin cycle. But what if you could take control amidst the uncertainty?

  In this webinar, Alyson Poston and Robert May will explore the challenges businesses face in a shifting economic landscape and how efficient resource management with tools like Clarity PPM can empower you to overcome them.

Gain practical insights on how to:

  • Prioritize Projects: Make data-driven decisions to ensure you're investing in initiatives most aligned with current market trends.
  • Optimize Resource Allocation: Eliminate overallocation and delays by matching the right people with the right tasks at the right time.
  • Boost Agility & Adaptability: Respond swiftly to market changes with flexible project plans and efficient resource redeployment.
  • Mitigate Risks: Proactively identify potential roadblocks and develop strategies to minimize their impact on project success.



Alyson Poston
Chief Customer Success Officer
Rego Consulting

Alyson Poston is the Chief Customer Success Officer at Rego where she is responsible for keeping customers happy and up to speed with innovative techniques and tools that will help them drive success. Prior to joining Rego, Alyson was a Vice President of presales at Medallia, focusing on customer experience management. But she “earned her stripes” elevating IT leaders, PMOs, and Project managers for 19 years with CA’s Clarity/PPM team (via Niku). She held various roles at CA including Strategic Advisor in Presales, working as a product consultant and a trainer.


Robert May
VP Business Development
Rego Consulting

Robert brings more than 20 years delivering sales results and building relationships with C-level executives. His approach to maintain strategic partnerships with stakeholders investing in software to add value to their organization is in perfect alignment with Rego.