Projects to Products -
Product Ways of Working (WoW) Adoption

Organizations are starting to transition from project management to product management, which can significantly enhance their Ways of Working (WoW). This transformation, however, needs to be understood more fully.

In Part 2 of this webinar series, we dive deeper into the fact that this is not merely a change in terminology or tools but a fundamental shift in organizational focus. Embracing a product-centric approach requires understanding the reasons for change and anticipating its impacts. By effectively managing these changes, organizations can:

  • eliminate confusion
  • streamline their operations
  • better align efforts with their strategic goals

This shift can lead to more efficient processes, improved product quality, and increased customer satisfaction.

In this session, Jeff Barschaw, Rego’s Director of Agile Practices, and Eric Myers, Agile Coach, will share how this transition impacts how you define your work, structure your teams, and how product funding will change how you manage financials.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Know the differences between project and product funding models
  • Have a deeper understanding of the key advantages of a product-led organization.
  • Learn about the fundamental changes you need to transform into a product organization.
  • Discover how to prepare your organization for the mindset change when shifting to Products.

Get up to speed on the fundamentals of transitioning from project management to product management in our on-demand webinar, From Projects to Products – Your Path for a Smooth Transition.   In this webinar, Jeff and Eric explored the key differences between project and product management, addressed common misconceptions, and provided initial steps for a successful transition.  This will provide a good foundation for this follow-up webinar, where they'll delve into the practicalities of implementing a product-centric approach.


Jeff Barschaw-2023-lr

Jeff Barschaw
Director of Agile Practices
Rego Consulting

Combining 20+ years of developing/managing Software Solutions and the past 10 years as an Agile Coach, Jeff has helped companies across a variety of industries deliver value while improving how people feel about their contribution. Leveraging this combined skillset, he has a deep understanding of many of the Agile Tools. Utilizing his Agile Principle/Process knowledge and tool understanding, he creates a tactical and practical approach to rolling out change and improving the team’s ability to deliver value. He has also delivered custom reporting, automation, and integrations within the Agile Tool suites to help teams and leadership get even more out of their tooling solutions.

Eric Myers

Eric Myers
Agile Coach
Rego Consulting

Experienced enterprise transformation Agile Coach and Trainer. He have successfully transformed organizations and teams using Lean-Agile mindsets and scaled agile practices. Over 24 years in the technology industry with a strong background in financial services, retail and software development.