Navigating Product Funding Through Changing Tides

It’s not uncommon to feel adrift when it comes to product funding.

In our first Agile Hot Topics webinar, Rego’s certified Agile experts Robert Sirard and Erich Kissel will steer you in the right direction in this fun and informative webinar about product funding. You’ll learn everything from product funding basics to Financial/Agile tool mapping for product funding financials.



Rob Sirard
Agile Coach
Rego Consulting

Rob is a Agile Coach with proven success in global business agility transformations and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) implementations in the e-Commerce, Healthcare, Banking, and Hospitality industries. Experience training and coaching Scrum, Kanban, and Lean concepts to all levels of an organization ranging from value proposition presentations of Agile adoption with Senior Management to providing hands-on leadership and coaching of day to day operations with Agile Teams.


Erich Kissel
Senior Solution Architect

Rego Consulting

In addition to skills-based volunteerism and inclusion program driver, Erich has been a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) thought-leader and systems architect / group manager who has delivered solutions that put people at the center of process ecosystems via adoption-centric design, and proven value delivery methodologies. This has included the enablement of executive success through customer-facing consulting and internal IT leadership roles, mainly focused on SaaS PPM, Agile (SAFe), ITIL, and Organizational Change Management (OCM) outcomes based initiatives. Additionally, he is a contributing author of the book Realize PPM (2020), an active blogger at, @PPMWarrior, professional Twitter account manager and has presented / actively participate in many industry events, including Global PMI, Gartner Summit and Magic Quadrant white papers, etc.