The Agile Leadership Lessons of Ted Lasso

The hit TV series Ted Lasso is well known for its humor and entertainment value, but hidden under the light-hearted banter are some important messages that leaders can take to heart. Join expert Agile guide, Tad Beaty, for a review of the first two seasons of the show. We’ll explore the messages that all leaders should take back to the office to improve engagement and make a better workplace.

Warning: There will be adult language used during the course of this presentation.


Tad Beaty

Tad Beaty
Enterprise Agile Strategist
Rego Consulting

Tad is a former software developer with more than 20 years of experience in the Microsoft suite of development tools. He has an MCP in SQL Server and was working on his MCSE in Data Warehousing when he changed direction to pursue a SPC certification. Tad started using Agile methodologies in 2007 and never looked back. Tad implemented Lean/Agile methods at several companies and introduced many of his employers to the transformational concepts that Agile introduces.

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