Agile Capitalization

Are timesheets necessary for Agile Capitalization? Join senior Agile guide, Tamara Turkai, and explore the answer to this question. We will dive deep into Agile Capitalization, including the benefits, the challenges, and some best-practices we’ve learned as a premier PPM and Agile service provider. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask your questions about Agile Capitalization.



Tamara Turkai
Principal Agile Consultant
Rego Consulting

Combining 20+ years of developing/managing business and IT solutions and the past 10 years as an Agile Coach, Tamara has helped companies across a variety of industries deliver value while improving how people feel about their contribution. Leveraging this combined skillset, she has a deep understanding of many of the Agile frameworks, practices, and tools. Lately, she has been rediscovering her love of art and has been exploring oil painting and rediscovering how much she loves to read. Audio books are her new passion!