Achieving More with Less: Harnessing Apptio's
Power with Imperfect Data

Gathering data to develop a mature TBM model can be challenging, and the notion of attaining perfect data is unrealistic. However, to extract value from your TBM model, you must make a candid evaluation of the current state, have a plan to eliminate obstacles, and embark on a journey of gradual improvement.

 In this webinar, you will learn how to flip the narrative around bad data, not get caught chasing the unicorn “mature model”, and effectively communicate the challenges a TBM Office faces when encountered with bad data while implementing or enhancing a TBM solution. You will learn how to prioritize and to report progress of your data cleanup efforts along with the importance of building partnerships with data SMEs. 


Penjor Ngudup headshot-1

Penjor Ngudup
Principle Strategic Advisor/Apptio
Rego Consulting

With nine and a half years of TBM and Apptio experience, PJ feels privileged to have worked closely with Fortune 100 companies across industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. He strives to drive the adoption of TBM by assisting clients in their TBM journey of aligning IT cost, consumption and performance. Collaborating with clients and employing best practices whenever feasible, as well as creative non-standard approaches when required is something PJ deeply enjoys.