Improve User Engagement in CA PPM

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We know it can be a struggle to get buy-in from users, and when it’s not there, we see common indicators:

  • decisions are driven by spreadsheets
  • users hate the tool
  • executives never log in
  • the tool is slow
  • upgrades are expensive and painful

There’s a clear path to increased value, and that’s inspiring data compliance.

Join Rego’s senior engagement manager Grant Zemont in a conversation about how our most successful clients have created a culture where PPM data drives decisions, users believe the tool helps them perform, executives use PPM constantly, and releases and upgrades are as disruption-free as possible.

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Grant Zemont
Senior Engagement Manager
Rego Consulting

Grant Zemont is a PPM consultant and change agent for Rego Consulting. Over the past twenty-two years, his career has revolved around project and resource management as a practitioner, leader, and educator. His approach focuses on the people side of the equation, embracing conscious leadership principles.