The Excel Data Manager for CA PPM (Clarity PPM)

Would you like to process your CA PPM (Clarity PPM) data in Microsoft Excel? 

  • Extract
  • Edit
  • Validate
  • Send large datasets

It's simple to do using Rego's recently-acquired Excel Data Manager for CA PPM (Clarity PPM). Check out a demo of the solution here. 

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Wes McCoubrie 

Davey Zywiec
Senior Technical Consultant
Rego Consulting

Davey has been developing since he was 12-years-old. At various companies, he’s taken requirements and written the code propping up unique PPM processes. Davey is a popular speaker at regoUniversity, the largest annual CA PPM conference, and when he's not developing or teaching, he likes to spend time with his horse-sized dog, Malort.

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