Is Your Digital Ecosystem Aligned with Your Strategic Goals?

Digital explosion is occurring in all organizations as new tools and solutions are rapidly deployed. Unfortunately, the goal of increased strategic alignment is getting lost in the unwieldy digital sprawl. 

Rego is in a unique position to look across people, process, and tools to reveal efficiencies and value that help you create a more balanced digital ecosystem.

Join Rego’s Executive Vice President and CIO Mike Mosquito, and Executive Vice President Jerry Dolak as they discuss how Rego can help assess your digital ecosystem with our proven assessment approach. 



Mike Mosquito
Rego Consulting

Mike Mosquito is EVP/CIO and a Senior Functional Architect for Rego Consulting. Throughout his career, Mike has created and directed cross-functional teams and implemented enterprise technology solutions for public, private, and government entities. He is recognized across multiple industries for developing and managing multi-million-dollar strategies, organizations, programs, projects, and emerging technology products while empowering large cross-functional teams to collaborate and make fact-based decisions guided by executive and technology-themed roadmaps.

Mike also leads the Rego Health group, where his team focuses on EMR Lifecycle support along with the integration of ITBM solutions. The solutions include privacy and security, automation, and strategic ecosystem roadmaps and providing healthcare systems with a new landscape for implementing, managing, and supporting their large IT investments.


Jerry Dolak
Rego Consulting

A native of Michigan and now residing in the windy city, Jerry has vast experience in all things PPM. With over twenty years in consulting, Jerry has worked with the likes of General Motors, Sprint, Motorola, HSBC Bank, Mayo Clinic, and many others. Jerry earned his BA from Western Michigan, and has implemented Clarity and ServiceNow PPM solutions.